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Sustainable Travel

Nurture Great. Leave Greater.

Travel with purpose
in the tropics

In Tropical North Queensland, sustainable travel has been shaped over generations. Ancient cultures have been connected to this country and protected these fragile environments with care and respect. Here you can find two natural World Heritage wonders side by side; home to unique flora and fauna found no where else on the planet. Explore the unique wilderness on an Eco Certified experience, join a Traditional Owner to discover a timeless connection to country, or contribute to reef restoration initiatives when you visit the Great Barrier Reef.

GBR biology laboratory
Reef Magic

See it. Love it. Protect it.

As a region enclosed by vast wildernesses and natural World Heritage icons, protecting the environment and unique wildlife is an unquestionable way of life. Just visiting, gives you an appreciation for the natural assets and a passion for wanting to protect it.

Simply visiting the Great Barrier Reef funds management and research for the long-term resilience of the reef, while many tourism experiences, both on water or on land, play key roles in contributing to protecting the diverse environments and fauna of the region.

Conservation projects & initiatives

Skyrail rainforest discovery
Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Leaders in

Programs like Ecotourism Australia and EarthCheck assure travellers that certified experiences are backed by a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices and provide high-quality nature-based tourism experiences.

Tropical North Queensland has the highest concentration of Ecotourism Australia certified experiences in Australia, so it’s easy to choose experiences that you know are playing their part for the environment.

Eco Certified experiences & accommodation 

mossman gorge cultural tour
Mossman Gorge Centre

Cultural connection

For thousands of years, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Traditional Owners have acted as custodians to the unique natural landscapes of Tropical North Queensland and have protected them with upmost care and respect.

Join a tour with an Indigenous guide to delve deeper into their timeless connection with the land and participate in authentic on-country experiences, from foraging bush tucker and medicines, visiting rock art sites or attending inspiring Indigenous events.

Indigenous experiences

coral nursery great barrier reef
Coral Nurture Program

Paying it forward

In Tropical North Queensland, tourism and science work together towards a more sustainable future.

Did you know that your trip to the Great Barrier Reef helps fund important research for the long-term resilience of this natural wonder? Or that trees are planted for every passenger that travels with eco-leaders like Passions of Paradise or Sailaway? Or that you can contribute to initiatives like the Coral Nurture Program, that harvest fragments of coral to grow in nurseries that are then outplanted back on the reef?

Ways you can help the reef

Our Promise
of Greater Good

Is about continually improving for the benefit of local cultures, communities and unique environments.

Our promise is to ourselves, to each other, to country, to protect one of the most important and biodiverse natural regions in the world for current and future generations. 

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Discover sustainable experiences

There are plenty of ways to tread lightly or give back during your time in Tropical North Queensland.

Tropical Lifestyle & Culture
Eco certified experiences to do in Tropical North Queensland

Tropical North Queensland has the highest concentration of Eco certified experiences in Australia. Here’s a list of Eco certified experiences to enjoy, so that you can relish your time in nature whilst protecting it too!

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Mount Mulligan
9 ways to be a more eco-conscious traveller

These eco-travel tips will ensure that your trip to Tropical North Queensland is as green as the lush rainforest environment itself.

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Tolga Bat Hospital
Conscious travel: How to travel Tropical North Queensland for a cause

Take nothing but photographs, leave only footprints and help give back to the unique environment of Tropical North Queensland with these experiences and causes.

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ccs crystalbrook
Eco Certified
A Guide to Sustainable Dining in Tropical North Queensland

From utilising organic and locally sourced produce to reducing food waste with Green Food Australia, these sustainable restaurants in Tropical North Queensland are not only delicious, but kind to people and the planet too.

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Island Stars Dance Troupe performing on the beach at Prince of Wales Island in the Torres Strait
Indigenous Culture
Ways to connect with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures

Tropical North Queensland is the only region in Australia with two distinct Indigenous cultures, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Connect with these ancient cultures 60,000 years in the making.

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coral nursery great barrier reef
Cairns & Northern Beaches
Travel the Tropics With a Purpose

Now more then ever, we find ourselves yearning to connect to the planet in a way that doesn’t take away from it, but that enhances it.

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Great Barrier Reef
Everything you need to know about Master Reef Guides

Anyone who’s ever done an organised tour will know the host or tour guide can make or break the experience. That’s why it pays to book a Great Barrier Reef tour with one of the Master Reef Guides, the official ambassadors of the world’s most famous reef.

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Riley Pool
Cairns & Northern Beaches
8 Ways Crystalbrook Collection combines sustainability with luxury

If you haven’t met them already, there are three hotel siblings in Cairns you should really know by name – Riley, Bailey and Flynn. 

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Fishing from sand cay on East Coast Angling fishing charter
Cairns & Northern Beaches
Sustainable fishing in Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef

Tropical North Queensland isn’t just known for its breathtaking locations, it is a fishing mecca with a fishing culture ingrained deep into its DNA. First class fisherman Dyllon Schulz of Reel Destinations drops us a line on all things sustainable fishing and shares his top tips for low impact fishing in the tropics.

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Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel
Cairns & Northern Beaches
Reef Dreaming: Discover the Reef with Indigenous Rangers

As you discover the Great Barrier Reef, uncover the culture of the Traditional Custodians with personal interpretation by local Indigenous rangers on Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel.

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Jarramali Rock Art Tours
Cape York
Experience an incredible Aboriginal rock art tour

Discover what true connection to country feels like at a 20,000-year-old Aboriginal rock art gallery with Jarramali Rock Art Tours. Fly in via a scenic helicopter or jump in a 4WD with a Traditional Owner guide for the full overnight experience.

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Walkabout Cultural Adventures crab
Mudcrab to mangoes: your guide to eating local in Cairns

From earthy bush tucker and exotic fruits to ocean-caught seafood and a biodynamic dairy farm, Tropical North Queensland offers up a menu with a unique ingredients list.

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master reef guides great barrier reef
Great Barrier Reef
Ways you can help the Great Barrier Reef

There’s a sense of responsibility that comes when you’re visiting one of the world’s seven wonders; a calling to nurture nature. If leaving only footprints (or fin waves in this case) is high on your priority list, here are some ways you can help the Great Barrier Reef during your next holiday.

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  • To get the most out of your Great Barrier Reef experience, opt for a reef tour with a Master Reef Guide on board.

  • Learn about the land with the people who have protected it for thousands of years. From camping on country with Traditional Custodians, learning about the stars or hunting in the mangroves. Discover Indigenous Tours.

  • Reduce your food miles by dining at cafes and restaurants that source produce locally.

  • When you can, hire a bike or walk rather than drive to get around. Places like the Cairns CBD,  Palm Cove, Port Douglas and Mission Beach are perfect for this.

  • Choose eco-friendly accommodation and sleep soundly knowing you’re leaving minimal impact.

  • Support local. Choose locally-owned markets, shops, restaurants, tours and accommodation.

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