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Croc Wise

It’s important to take precautions near Tropical North Queensland waterways

Be wise in croc country

Did you know saltwater crocodiles can grow up to six metres long? Or that they can hold their breath underwater for an hour and a half? Crocodiles are an ancient and fascinating species, but they can also be dangerous if you don’t give them the proper respect.

They can be found in estuaries and beaches around Tropical North Queensland as well as in rivers, lagoons and swamps hundreds of kilometres from the sea. They are most active at night and in the breeding season from September to April.



Here’s, how to be croc-wise in croc country:

  • Always obey crocodile warning signs.
  • Never swim where crocodiles may be present, even if you don’t see any signs.
  • Look out for crocodile slide marks on the bank and stay well away from them.
  • When fishing, always stand a few metres back from the water’s edge and never clean fish or discard scraps near the water’s edge.
  • Don’t dangle arms or legs out of a boat. If you fall out, get back in as quickly and calmly as possible.
  • Never provoke or attack crocodiles and do not feed them or leave food out for them.
  • Camp at least 50m from the edge of the water and 2m above the high-water mark. Don’t leave any food scraps at your campsite and don’t prepare food or wash dishes at the water’s edge.
  • If you spot a crocodile you can log it in the Qwildlife App to help keep track of the movements and behaviour of crocodiles in the area.

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