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Walk, hike or stroll your way through the tropics

Whether you’re an expert bushwalker up for a long-haul hike or a Sunday stroller looking for something more leisurely, there’s a huge range of walks to suit every desire and ability.

The terrain in Tropical North Queensland covers an entire geographical and botanical spectrum, from coastal lowland to mountains; treks through dense rainforest in places like Mt Bartle Frere, Queensland’s highest mountain, to the cloud forests of Walsh’s Pyramid, the wet sclerophyll forest of Kahlpahlim Rock and Lambs Head and the open woodlands and savannahs of the Undara National Park.

Water is everywhere – bays, streams, waterholes and falls, some perfect for a refreshing swim. Wildlife abounds, so keep an eye out for musky rat-kangaroos, red-legged pademelons, cassowaries, lace monitors and iridescent blue Ulysses butterflies. Feathered residents include king parrots, honeyeaters, black-throated finches, magpie geese and more.

If short and instantly gratifying is more your style, take a stroll along the boardwalks at Cairns or the series of boardwalks in the Daintree National Park, walk the loop along the Mossman River, traverse the circuit around Green Island or witness the power and majesty of Barron Falls from the lookout.

If you have mobility issues or small children, there are tracks in some of Tropical North Queensland’s many national parks that are accessible to wheelchairs and strollers.

Hike to the top of Walsh's Pyramid south of Cairns

Visit the Nandroya Falls in Wooroonooran National Park

Meander through the lush tropical rainforest at Mamu Tropical Skywalk

As you hike it

Where to find scenic walking trails, from a challenging trek to a relaxed stroll.


Zoe Falls on the Thorsborne Trail - Hinchinbrook Islan
Incredible hikes you need to conquer near Cairns

Surrounded by national parks, World Heritage rainforest and the Great Dividing Range, find countless bush walks or hikes within a short distance of Cairns.

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Red Arrow article tile
Cairns & Northern Beaches
Guide to the Red Arrow walking trail in Cairns

Throw on your best activewear and prepare to stretch your legs as you venture into the natural playground of Mount Whitfield. You’ll feel worlds away from city life as you delve into the depths of the rainforest, despite being less than ten minutes from Cairns CBD.

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Riverside Walk Kuranda
Walks in Kuranda

Experience the famous village in the rainforest along a network of easy trails that introduce you to the surrounding Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Accommodating all types of walkers, discover the amazing scenery that exists a stone’s throw from Kuranda’s shopping experience.

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goldfields trail babinda boulders
Southern Cairns
Trail running the Goldfield Trail at Babinda Boulders

Trail runners and bushwalkers are spoilt for choice in Tropical North Queensland. It’s hard to put a figure on how many trails there are but trust me, there are hundreds. Situated in lush, heritage-listed rainforest, the Goldfields Trail, between Babinda and Goldsborough Valley, is one of the most iconic in the region.

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Running at Cairns Esplanade
Cairns & Northern Beaches
An active traveller’s guide to Cairns

Boasting nature’s ultimate keep-fit playground, nutritious local produce for those post-workout gains, and plenty of idyllic spots for some all-important recovery time, Tropical North Queensland is an active traveller’s dream. Here are our top tips to exploring the region like a top athlete:

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undara lava tubes at undara experience
Adventure and discovery in Tropical North Queensland

Welcome to Tropical North Queensland, a destination that’s more famous than Indiana Jones when it comes to adventure and discovery.

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Mission Beach & Cassowary Coast
12 other things to do when visiting the Cardwell Spa Pool

Whether you’re out to catch a barra, hike Australia’s largest island National Park or adventure your way through a scenic 4WD track, Cardwell is the perfect launch pad for an outdoorsy weekend with a friendly local twist.

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