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Experience Summer in the Tropics

Average Cairns temperatures: 23.6ºC (min) / 31.4ºC (max)


Summer Great. Leave Greater.

This time of year is a full sensory experience: like a time-lapse before your eyes, see the landscape transform from the warm tones of spring to fresh green tones of summer as the first rains begin; feel the cool relief of jumping into a freshwater stream on a hot day; listen to the wildlife come alive as the land is rejuvenated; inhale deeply for the fresh scent of rain; and taste sweet tropical produce as summer species flourish.

Summer rains help keep temperatures cooler, with average temperatures only just exceeding 30ºC. So come and swim, dive, walk, eat and breathe this summer in Tropical North Queensland.

zillie falls atherton tablelands

Waterfall wonderland

Thanks to the regular, quenching rainfall, summer is the ideal time to bask in the spray of a waterfall.

Ditch the hot showers and feel the cool relief of jumping into a freshwater swimming hole or waterfall on a warm tropical day.

Chase waterfalls

See the reef in high def

Northerly winds can bring calmer seas and incredible water clarity on the Great Barrier Reef through summer. The pleasant temperature of the water and active marine life on the reef means you’ll never want to jump out.

Great Barrier Reef

rose gums wilderness retreat

Disconnect to reconnect

Relax and rejuvenate in a rainforest cabin as the land rejuvenates itself. The gentle tinkle of rain on the roof and chorus of birdsong makes for the perfect soundtrack to unwind to.

These also offer a great base to explore the diverse landscapes of the incredible and ancient Wet Tropics rainforest.

World’s oldest rainforest

summer great campaign hero mango

In pursuit of fruit

Through summer, find weird and wonderful fruits you’ve never heard of, but also many of your favourite exotic fruits for a fraction of the supermarket prices. Markets stalls overflow with local mangoes for 99c a kilo, tangy lychees, juicy pineapples and sweet papayas.

Taste local

rainforest cassowary and chick

Get wild

With trees in peak fruiting, wildlife is out and about as food is plentiful. Cassowaries roam extensively with their young through this time while birds, frogs and other unique wildlife of Tropical North Queensland (think tree climbing kangaroos – yes, it’s a thing) might be spotted while you explore.

Rainforest & Wildlife

Paradise to yourself

With miles of sandy shores, hundreds of swimming holes and rainforest on your doorstep, it’s not hard to find a patch of paradise to yourself. Set up in the shade of a beach almond tree and while away your time with a good book or a picnic of local produce.

Explore beaches & Islands


  • Always take care at swimming holes and waterfalls and heed the advice from Queensland Parks. Only swim where it is safe to do so and never venture into flooded waters. Sometimes it’s safer to admire from afar.

  • The iconic Barron Falls (Djabugay: Din Din) is at its most impressive after a good dose of tropical summer rain. Keep an eye on the forecast because it’s only at its famous peak for a few days of the year.

  • Small moments can stay with you for life such as the smell of eucalypt through the forest on a warm rainy afternoon. So don’t forget to slow down and notice the little things.

  • Marine stingers may be present in coastal waters through summer. It’s recommended you wear a protective suit to help shield you from the sun and to minimise the risk of jellyfish stings.

In case you ‘mist’ it…

Find the most picturesque waterfalls, taste the sweetest fruit, or jump into the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.

kid picking a mango
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nandroya falls atherton tablelands
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