Lady Bowen
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Lady Bowen Dive Site

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    Mission Beach
    Mission Beach, Queensland 4852, Australia

Lady Bowen Dive Site

The Lady Bowen was a 66 metre long schooner, which hit reef almost 48 kilometres from where she eventually sank, and now sits in the ocean as a reef herself, off the coast of Mission Beach. At over 100 years old and resting under 34 metres of water, the Lady Bowen dive site is now home to amazing coral formations and a plethora of colourful and friendly marine life.

Nature’s finest will be waiting at the hull of the wreck to meet you, in the form of gropers, sea snakes, giant turtles, lionfish and barracuda. The depth and enormity of the wreck make it perfect for intermediate to advanced divers.


Lady Bowen Dive Site

Mission Beach
Mission Beach,
Queensland 4852, Australia

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Disabled access available, contact operator for details.

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