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Beaches under the radar: South Cairns

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Uncover the hidden beach treasures of South Cairns, where tranquil paradise awaits beyond the tourist crowds. From spotting cassowaries to riding horseback along the beach, these quiet spots offer amazing unique experiences.

Bramston Beach

Cutting a coconut on Bramston Beach

SUP at Bramston Beach

Paintings at Bramston Beach

Discover the hidden treasures of Bramston Beach, where stunning parks, secluded spots, and multiple beaches await. To the north is a deserted 7km beach, while the south boasts a charming 1.5km stretch of sandy paradise. For the adventurous, a secret 4km beach is accessible only during low tide, adding intrigue to your beach adventures. Explore the coastal wonderland and uncover the delights of the redeveloped Bramston Beach Resort, seamlessly connected to Paperbark Park.  Enjoy motel-style accommodations, a café, and a restaurant.

The Council-run Bramston Beach Campground harmoniously blends into Pacific Park, providing a delightful setting for your beachside getaway. Keep a keen eye in the final section of rainforest near the beach, as charismatic cassowaries often make an appearance. You may also spot Australian humpback dolphins gracefully dancing through the waters and sometimes venturing astonishingly close to the water’s edge, adding an extra touch of magic to your experience.

Etty Bay

Welcome to Etty Bay, the bustling hub for paparazzi-worthy cassowary sightings! To maximise your chances of spotting these elusive superstars, visit the beach as an early bird or late afternoon explorer, while maintaining a respectful distance.

We’re sure once you arrive you’ll want to spend at least a few days here and Etty Bay Cabins & Caravan Park is the perfect place to set up camp. You’ll find a peaceful hideaway with camping spots, cabin rentals, and stunning views. With amenities like a general store, laundrette, and free WIFI, it provides a convenient and comfortable stay. Nearby, you can enjoy a mouthwatering meal at the fish and chip shop, or venture to the town of Innisfail, just a short 12-minute drive away, for additional supplies and dining options.


Cowley Beach

Discover Cowley Beach, a hidden gem along the Great Green Way, just 20 minutes south of Innisfail. Although it is located within a rain shadow, Cowley Beach receives less rain than its surrounding areas. Only 30 minutes away from Tully and Mission Beach, it offers both seclusion and easy access to neighbouring towns.

Unleash your inner angler at Liverpool Creek, where you can catch a variety of fish species. Rather swim with the fishes? Embark on a boat trip to explore the captivating Barnard Island where you can dive into the pristine waters from the sandy beaches and discover a world of colourful fish, turtles, and perhaps even a playful dugong.

For a comfortable stay, the newly refurbished Cowley Beach Caravan Park offers a range of accommodation options, from beachfront bunk houses to cozy camping areas and 2-bedroom cabins. With fantastic facilities like boat ramps, a camp kitchen, and BBQ area, as well as a tourist information centre, kiosk, and on-site post office, Cowley Beach Caravan Park ensures a memorable experience for visitors.

Kurrimine Beach

In the realm of this cozy little village you’ll find a renowned winery, a charming beachfront pub, a delightful café, a post office, a petrol station, and a versatile general store.

Kurrimine also offers a unique equestrian experience where you can ride horses along 20 kms of stunning beach, flanked by coastal jungle and the Coral Sea.  You’ll witness dugongs, dolphins, turtles, and manta rays in action, with sea eagles soaring overhead. Riders of all ages are welcome (except young children), with parental/guardian consent for riders under 18.

Want to see the coral without getting wet? King Reef is just a short distance from the beach, approximately 800 metres away. When the tides recede, a remarkable opportunity presents itself—a chance to walk out and explore the captivating reef firsthand. This extraordinary experience is only accessible between April and September.

Fancy a tasty drop? Indulge in the vibrant offerings of Murdering Point Winery, nestled amid North Queensland’s lush landscapes. Discover their exquisite range of uniquely Australian red and white fruit wines, ports, liqueurs, and creams, delivering a thrilling tropical taste experience.


Remember- When swimming in the beaches, it’s paramount to read the warning signs and only swim in nets/ between the flags.


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