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8 reasons to take the kids to the reef with Quicksilver

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Riddle us this: what is the most complex natural system on earth, World Heritage-listed, and found in Tropical North Queensland?

Spanning 344,400km², the Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s natural treasures and one to be enjoyed by the whole family, just ask any of the millions of visitors who see it each year.

Just as Africa has the Big Five, the Great Barrier Reef’s has its own underwater kingdom which is home to the Great Eight to be discovered.

With a permanent platform located at the pristine Agincourt Reef, aka the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef, discover why you should meet the Great Eight and have a family-friendly, and eco-friendly, experience with Quicksilver Cruises.

Learn from marine biologists

Meet Hayley, one of Quicksilver's marine biologists who fell in love with the Great Barrier Reef when she was seven years old.

Want your kids to depart with new knowledge of the reef and how it works?

Not only do they have qualified marine biologists onboard, they also have their own Reef Biosearch team, who have been providing education, interpretation and research since 1986, so you know you’re in passionate and knowledgeable hands.

Kids can learn about fish varieties

Learn about marine life during the Fish School presentation

With 1625 types of fish and 133 varieties of sharks and rays, a visit to the Great Barrier Reef promises no ordinary fish school.  While we can’t promise you’ll see them all – you’ll have fun trying.

During the daily “Fish School” presentation, you won’t need to flick through a guidebook to try to identify the fish as they ripple through the water, either. The Quicksilver Cruises team will identify the fish species who appear. Watch from the platform or dive in and be amongst the action!

It’s accessible for the whole family

The whole family can see the reef with Quicksilver Cruises

The benefit of a permanent structure in the middle of the reef is that Quicksilver Cruises are wheelchair and pram friendly – making it an accessible day out for all generations.

The platform is spacious, stable and the perfect place to base the day’s activities. Access to the reef is easy and Quicksilver provides all the snorkelling equipment, buoyancy vests and noodles to suit all ages and swimming abilities.

With a dedicated crew onboard, there are plenty of hands on deck to assist with your family adventure.

It’s a safe environment

There's activities for the kids in and out of the water

Worried about taking your kids to a location surrounded by water? You’ll be happy to know that qualified lifeguards are always on duty to ensure a watchful eye on all activities.

For the little ones, there’s also non-water-based activities to keep them entertained like semi-submarines and the underwater observatory while the bigger kids explore the coral gardens by mask and snorkel.

It’s perfect for all weather conditions

Quicksilver Pontoon at Agincourt Reef

Don’t panic if you’ve planned your family holiday and then mother nature rains on your parade – there’s plenty of shelter on the Agincourt reef platform.

With undercover areas and an underwater observatory, a little [or a lot] of rain won’t stop you from having a reef experience, especially since you’re going to get wet anyway. But with flexible bookings, you can always choose to change your day of travel without any hidden costs.

Presentations are designed for children

Kids can learn about marine life on the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a complex eco-system, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complex for young minds to learn about.

 In the underwater observatory, specially designed displays for children provide a simple, fun and interactive way for them to learn about the reef and the environment before their eyes.

From learning about the different types of corals (did you know they’re often named after what they look like? No guessing what a brain coral looks like!) to the fact that the Great Barrier Reef is so big, astronauts can see it from the moon.

Education on the way to the platform

The kids won't be bored with Quicksilver's onboard marine biologists

“Are we there yet?” said no child ever on the 90-minute journey to Agincourt Reef.

No need to worry about cabin fever setting in while you transfer from Port Douglas Marina to the outer reef platform, with marine biologists on hand to share information and stories about the reef along the way.

With the widest range of reef activities – they won’t be bored

Book a scenic helicopter flight

Choose from scuba diving, snorkelling or helmet diving

Explore the reef from the comfort of the semi-submersible tour

For those who want to get under water and see the reef, choose between snorkel, scuba or helmet diving.

Alternatively, explore the reef from one metre underwater and while staying completely dry, onboard the semi-submarine reef discovery voyage, which comes with the perk of live commentary.

For a rockstar experience, and one that’s sure to make the other kids jealous at show and tell, book a 10-minute scenic helicopter flight to admire the reef from 150 metres above.

Explore the reef

There’s more to learn about the Great Barrier Reef.