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Cassowaries spotted at Skyrail

Skyrail’s Red Peak station has some new residents ruling the roost – two endangered Southern Cassowaries.

The twin beaks at Red Peak have been making themselves at home and have been spotted for the last three days grazing on fruits.

While soaring over the rainforest canopy is in itself a magical experience, guests have been extra lucky to spot the Southern Cassowaries in their natural habitat.

The Southern Cassowary is endemic to Tropical North Queensland is the second heaviest living bird in the whole globe, weighing up to a whopping 70kg. These big birds are mobile rainforest gardeners and are responsible for spreading the seeds of rainforest trees – some of which are as large as an avocado pit!

When exploring the tropics, it’s important to stay casso-wary and keep your eyes peeled for these giant ratites. Who knows where they might pop up!

Keep it wild

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