Birdworld Kuranda

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Home to the largest single collection of free flying birds in Australia (some 500 of them!), Birdworld Kuranda displays no less than 60 species of the most spectacular birds from all corners of the planet - as well as from the earth's fast diminishing rainforests. Visitors are free to wander through the lush, tropically landscaped aviary to observe the birds in their own specific - yet natural - habitats. Two lakes connected by a tumbling waterfall for example are home to waterbirds such as stilts, herons and Australia's own unique Black Swan.

In the rainforest canopy overhead, blue, gold and scarlet Macaws dazzle with colourful brilliance as they soar above the treetops. One outstanding Birdworld denizen not to be missed is that rare avian giant, the Cassowary - now officially enlisted as endangered. Designed to 'create a centre where birds would be showcased in their natural environment without the barriers of cages coming between them and their admiring public', Birdworld is a photographers paradise. (And without those barriers, visitors often find a feathered friend nestling on their shoulder - a golden photo opportunity!)

Birdworld can provide guided tours for all group bookings.

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Address : Rob Vievers Drive
Address : PO Box 214
E: [email protected]
P: +61 (0) 74093 9188
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